IMSWorkX is now a part of REDCOM

In December 2018, the assets of IMSWorkX were acquired by REDCOM Laboratories, Inc. The transaction included the transition of the whole IMSWorkX team to REDCOM, including founder Shannon Chevier. As a part of REDCOM, IMSWorkX will continue to deliver the most flexible and reliable solutions for every generation of communications networks.

What We Do

REDCOM provides high quality, high availability multiprotocol network solutions for use in your network Service Layer. Our solutions make IMS, VoLTE, and VoIP infrastructure work to provide services for every generation of communication network.

The REDCOM IMSworkX product suite includes the REDCOM IMSWorkX Application Server, Service Creation Environment, and fully managed hosted environments together with the capability to provide ready-to-deploy next generation networks and rapid custom application development options.

Our Strengths

Key players on the REDCOM team have over 50 years of combined experience in telecommunications and with our product line. The IMSWorkX Platform is mature, stable, and active in live network deployments. Our products are fully compliant with relevant industry standards.

REDCOM offers the most flexible technology to meet evolving business needs, providing the freedom and flexibility to communicate today and the ability to rapidly adapt to the needs of tomorrow.

Operators face a variety of challenges as they roll out all IP (packet) networks. IMS and VoLTE network deployments can mean a whole new infrastructure: new equipment, new software, and new protocols with no compatibility with existing equipment. As these next generation networks are deployed, operators must also manage the demands and expectations of their subscribers.

At REDCOM we understand operators' concerns, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your network evolution seamlessly maintains current services and provides the ability to rapidly offer additional enhanced services. For more information on our solution portfolio, visit the REDCOM website.