IMSWorkX and Tieto Partner Up for SIP AS and Legacy SCP IN Solutions

April 22, 2016
IMSWorkX teams up with Tieto Corporation, the Nordic based 6,000 strong telecom experts, to deliver SIP Application Server Solutions and legacy Service Control Point (SCP) Migration Solutions. This partnership heralds the introduction of IMSWorkX products to complement Tieto’s already highly capable solutions portfolio.

Service Delivery AS (SCP & SIP AS)

The Service Delivery AS platform delivers both the SCP and the SIP AS functionality. The Service Control Point provides platform to replace outdated, unsupportable legacy IN equipment.

Service Delivery AS in brief:
The SIP application server delivers services in all network types: legacy IN, VoIP, IMS and VoLTE
Ideal for legacy network transitions to NGN
Current and developing technology – future-proof with no end-of-life issues
Built-in software media server provides complete IVR solutions
Virtualized solution - can be cloud based
Based on industry standard hardware and operating system
Extremely good scalability using high-availability clustered architecture
IETF SIGTRAN M3UA over ethernet
IN/AIN support including GR-1299, GR-1188, GR-533
SIP including IETF RFC3261, RFC1899, RFC2833
IMS including diameter, RADIUS, Sh, Ro/Rf interfaces and multimedia telephony service
Database support including Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite
Many optional services like toll-free/800, call screening, intelligent call routing
Customised services options