IMSWorkX Customer Portal Corporate Accounts

If your company is a customer of IMSWorkX then you or a representative of your company will be issued or can request to be issued a corporate account. The corporate account ties to a single user account controlled by you or your companies representative. This user account will then receive additional actions and settings within the customer portal. We call the user that has control over the corporate account the account manager.

Once a corporate account is established any user can request to be linked to the account. In order to link to the account the user must provide the exact, case sensitive, company name for the account as well as the access code. This information is provided to the corporate account manager only and it is up to them to share it with any users that may be interested in linking to the account. Once a user has provided the appropriate information and requested to be linked to the corporate account the account manager may approve or reject the request. The user will not have access to any of the corporate account resources unless their request is approved by the account manager.

With a corporate account you will have access to all software and licenses purchased by your company through the customer portal. Any users linked to the account will also have access to the software purchased by your company. Note that the account manager may remove user links to the account at any time.