IMSWorkXTM Premium Rate Charge Controls

IMSWorkX Premium Rate Charge Controls allows you to provide the tools your subscribers need to easily control costs and reduce bill shock from the use of premium rate calling.   A straightforward Web-based user interface lets subscribers view and change their premium rate call limits by setting thresholds and limits, reducing service provider administrative costs and billing disagreements. Subscribers can limit their total bill, cap premium rate charges, or enter PIN that will allow then to go over their preset limit.


  • Subscribers set both soft/hard limits for a billing cycle as well as on per call basis 
  • Audio warnings for both soft and hard limits 
  • PIN authorization option to exceed hard limits 
  • Resides on the XpressWorkX Service Delivery Platform using next generation network standards

The ultimate control of premium rate call limits is delegated to subscribers by keeping them on budget with alerts.  A Web-based user interface, that can be accessed from almost any web browser, is used to manage subscriber accounts and premium rate numbers, as well as define subscriber settings and audio messages. 

  • Each subscriber defines a soft limit and a hard limit value for each billing cycle and each call. The hard limit is the maximum amount that can be spent on premium rate calls, and the soft limit amount defines a point at which warning messages are delivered. 
  • A pre-determined PIN authorization option to allow the call to continue if the hard limit is reached.

The Service Delivery Platform 

The IMSWorkX Premium Rate service is a turn-key service that resides on the XpressWorkX Service Delivery Platform (SDP) and takes advantage of the built-in high availability cluster of the SDP. This solution integrates easily with existing data center hardware and database systems. The XpressWorkX Application Server uses next generation network standards and a multi-service environment that can be deployed on most industry standard server hardware. The XpressWorkX Application Server’s distributed processing and load balancing capability allows for the rapid addition or modification of services with no interruption. The high availability features of the application server ensure that users always have access to their Premium Rate service. 

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