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XpressWorkX Service Delivery Platform

The XpressWorkX Service Delivery Platform consists of three major elements

  1. XpressWorkX Service Creation Environment
  2. XpressWorkX Application Server
  3. XpressWorkX Console

These elements work together to provide a complete solution for creating, deploying, and managing the value added services in your network.

The XpressWorkX Service Creation Environment is an industry-leading visual service development environment that enables developers to build sophisticated Next Generation Network applications using drag-and-drop Plug-in Action Components (PACs) to enable a variety of built-in operations and link them in a visual call flow. This simple, intuitive interface makes applications faster to develop, customize, and modify to meet changing market needs.

The core of a service delivery platform is the XpressWorkX Application Server that fully implements the protocols required in the IP network. New service offerings can be quickly and reliably delivered across a wide variety of networks including IMS enabled, converged TDM/IP, and VoIP networks. The application server’s open architecture and use of Next Generation Network standards – including SIP, IMS, VoiceXML, MGCP, and XML – provide a multi-service deployment environment with marked flexibility and scalability.

The XpressWorkX Console is a robust management interface that offers views into the applications, process, and events running on the XpressWorkX Application Server.

IMSWorkX Service Delivery Platform Resources