IMSWorkXTM White Papers

White Paper

Satisfying Demanding Subscribers - Stepping up to VoLTE and Other LTE Voice Services

"The enduring nature of the author’s insights into the shift in subscriber service/feature expectations is evident in the fresh look at this White Paper. Find out how the expectations of demanding subscribers is changing the way features are delivered." 

Learn how the IMSWorkX suite of products can maximize your service offerings now and throughout the move to VoLTE. 

White Paper

IMSWorkX Graceful Evolution of the Service Layer

"Is there an economical way for network operators to work with existing technologies as they rationally migrate to next generation networks? This is the question that IMSWorkX set out to address."

Learn how operators can best migrate from legacy equipment to the next generation network (VoIP, VoLTE, VoBB) with a solution that is truly future-proof.