IMSWorkXTM Product Training

Training Graphic

A comprehensive training option is available for all IMSWorkX products.  Our on-site training courses provide customized learning from an experienced, highly skilled engineer.  Our instructor will work closely with your team to ensure that all participants meet a high level of proficiency so that you get the most out of your IMSWorkX solution.   Our course outlines, complete with technical documentation, are geared for less lecture and more projects so that your staff can really take the time to learn the products and implement the essential skills necessary for live product execution.  Trainee performance is monitored by the trainer and enough time is given to complete the tasks and reflect on the concepts.


  • In-person
  • Customized, hands-on mini projects
  • Monitoring of trainee performance
  • Technical training workbooks and documentation

Becoming part of the IMSWorkX family

Training usually occurs once you have received and installed the IMSWorkX software products in your environment.   Once you become an IMSWorkX customer, we will support you to get every virtual machine up and running, configured, and communicating live in your lab and/or production environments.

Service Creation Environment Training

This training has a heavy hands-on focus for application developers using the XpressWorkXTM Service Creation Environment (SCE) to build applications for IP, IMS and VoIP networks. It includes a number of exercises that begin with simple applications that help the student explore the basics of the development environment, and then move to more complex, real-world applications involving call control, IVR, conferencing, and many other features.  This training course is designed to take place on four full days.

Components and Concepts

  • Detailed SIP Overview
  • Understand how the various components of the XpressWorkXTM Service Delivery Platform interact
  • SCE development components
  • SIP-Based Applications
  • IVR Applications
  • Conferencing Applications
  • Intelligent Network Applications
  • Software-based media server
  • Working with email and IMAP storage
  • Integrating JavaScript
  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Connecting to the XpressWorkXTM Application Server for monitoring with the XpressWorkXTM Console

Application Training

Under the guidance of a skilled engineer, a half-day is spent on every application purchased to insure a high level of competency.


  • Provisioning
  • Configuring
  • Navigating user interfaces
  • Working with the XpressWorkX Application Server
  • Connecting to the XpressWorkX Application Server for monitoring with the XpressWorkX Console