IMSWorkXTM Support and Maintenance

IMSWorkX Support and Maintenance are available 24/7, giving peace of mind for the deployment of IMSWorkX solutions into mission critical networks. Our dedicated team of engineers provides unparalleled expertise to address your concerns.  Our Customer Portal provides Web-based access for reporting issues, user documents, software downloads, and a community knowledge base. 


  • 24x7 live support (phone/email) by experienced engineers
  • Lab/development support
  • On-line incident reporting
  • Guaranteed response and resolution times
  • Secure Customer Portal 
  • Access to our Community Knowledge base

IMSWorkX Customer Portal Account

We have developed our customer portal to be your main point of contact for all things Support.  With an IMSWorkX Customer Portal Account you will have access to all of your purchased software as well as loads of free high value content distributed by IMSWorkX. The content provided includes white papers, tutorials, code examples and more.  IMSWorkX creates a secure company profile and sends you a username and password.

User documentation -  These guides, intended for Systems Administrators of the XpressWorkXTM Application Server and developers using the XpressWorkXTM Service Creation Environment, provide information from getting started with the applications through advanced use.

Software - Downloads for easy access to your specific software packages as well as software release notes.

Knowledge Center- Access to a dedicated area where customers creating applications can post ideas, ask questions, and interact with other users as well as the IMSWorkX team.  All users are invited to contribute to and learn from an ever growing knowledge base maintained by IMSWorkX developers and the IMSWorkX developer community. 

  • Interactive, community-driven information center 
  • Questions can be posted directly to IMSWorkX developers or to our development community. 
  • Search the knowledge base and browse through a number of topics to look for development ideas
  • Seek for answers posted by the community. 

Corporate Account Link

Individual user accounts are linked to your company's Corporate Account to gain access to all software purchased from IMSWorkX. This includes the entire XpressWorkX platform, IMSWorkX Applications, and more. You will also have the ability to download any previously released versions of current IMSWorkX software you have access to that are still actively supported.

Trouble Shooting Support

IMSWorkX Support can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and every day of the year. Response times will vary based on the question or request, support contracts you have with IMSWorkX, and the IMSWorkX standard terms and conditions

All support requests will be assigned a priority level. The priority levels are defined as follows:

  • Critical –A critical problem severely affects service, traffic, and maintenance capabilities, and requires immediate corrective action. In a Critical situation, the system is inoperative and your inability to use the product has a critical effect on operations. Any condition that may impact safety is considered a Critical situation. 
  • Major –A significant incident which causes conditions that seriously affect system operation, maintenance, and administration, and requires immediate attention. The urgency of a Major incident is less than in critical situations because of a lesser immediate or impending effect on system performance. A Major problem can include: reduction in process capacity or accuracy, loss of diagnostic capability, and loss of a feature/functionality. 
  • Minor –An incident which does not significantly impair the functioning of the system and is tolerable during system use.
  • Enhancement Request –Identification of a feature or improvement that will make the product more useful in the future. 

IMSWorkX Support can be reached via email or phone.
Phone: +1 (585) 568 - 7155